Ever wanted to know what it’s like to serve your community? Wanted to fulfill a childhood dream of being a firefighter? Wonder what it’s like to save a life? Well do we have an opportunity for you! Jackson County ESD No.3  is always looking for volunteers to help serve our community. Even if you don’t think your up to the task of fighting fire, there are many other areas in which we need volunteers. Volunteering in your community is greatly rewarding. No experience or training is needed, but always welcome! If you would like more information about this opportunity please contact Chief Janica via email at  We welcome you to stop by our station anytime and talk to the guys on shift about joining our team.

How to Become a Jackson County ESD No.3  Volunteer . . .

 Becoming a member of the Jackson County ESD No.3  is an easy process and is open to anyone who has attained the age of 18 years and who is in good physical condition:

Submit a membership application (download here)

Undergo a criminal background check

Attend a Officers Meeting interview (held the First Tuesday of each month)

Receive a favorable vote of members present at any regular business meeting

Once you become a member, you can choose what you want to and are capable of doing. You might choose to train to fight structure fires in full bunker gear or drive a 4WD brush truck across burning ranch land. But not all members actively fight fires.   New members are required to get basic firefighting classes to move up in ranks.  Once Firefighter reaches Firefighter Phase 3, members are able to cover shift and receive shift stipend.

The department provides workman’s compensation insurance for all members and injury,/death supplement.  All protective clothing and safety equipment is provided by the Department. Department members enjoy the immunity protection provided by law for volunteer firefighters and emergency medical service providers, and we also carry other insurance as required by our ESD partners.

For additional information, contact any member, call the Fire Station at 361-782-2121, or complete the application and Email or hand deliver to Fire Station.