Jackson CO ESD No.3 preforms Annual State Required Inspections and Foster/Adoption Inspections throughout our fire District and other areas within Jackson County, Texas.

Jackson Co ESD No. 3 is Now enforcing IFC 2018 with in the Incorporated Boundaries and ETJ of The City of Edna.  Below is copy of Ordinance 2019-3 from the City of Edna which Contains Fire Code and Amendments approved.

Ordinance 2019-3

The following are detailed instructions for initiating fire-related inspections and permits. Unless noted otherwise, all inspection and permit activities follow these general points:

  • Applications and other required documentation should be Delivered to Fire Station at 315 West Main Edna, Texas 77957.
  • Application form shall be filled out on all inspections and Permits.    Inspection and Permit form
  • Applicable inspection and permit fees must be paid in advance.
  • Plan Submittals require 2 sets of Stamped Plans along with digital Copy for upload into Fire Database.
  • See City Ordinance for Required “Fire Protection Site Plan” page 6-7
  • Approved plans are required to be onsite during Final Inspection!
  • Fire Department has 5 business days to schedule and 15 days to complete from Date on Receipt.
  • Knox Box is required on all Commercial Occupancy’s
  • Hours are Monday Thru Thursday 8-5.
  • Questions Email Fire Chief